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CAD/CAE/CFD/CAO/HPC новости 31 Января 2008 года
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Coade, Inc. выпустила новую версию PVEliteVersion 2008

PVELite: программный пакет, предназначенный для конструирования, расчета и анализа сосудов и аппаратов, работающих под давлением. PVELite включает обширное информационное наполнение для большинства проектов аппаратов. Программа поддерживает все основные нормативные документы по промышленной безопасности.

В новую версию программы включены: последние изменения стандарта ASME 2007, обновлены национальные ветровые и сейсмические стандарты(Австралийский сейсмический стандарт 1170.4-1993, Канадские сейсмический и ветровой стандарт  2005б Европейский ветровой стандарт EN 1991-1-4:2005 (E), Австралийский ветровой стандарт)

PV Elite and CodeCalc 2008 Released
Here are some of the new features.

Analysis Features

  • ASME code updates for 2007 addenda.
  • Added option to combine wind and seismic loads for horizontal vessels (this was already possible for vertical vessels).
  • For the Lap-joint flanges the minimum required thickness of the "lap" (which sits on the flange) is now calculated.
  • Minimum design metal temperature (MDMT) is now calculated for standard ANSI Flanges.
  • The Fatigue curve per ASME Div. II can be specified for the elements at the nozzle-vessel junction.
  • Improvement to Blind flange (end cover) maximum working pressure (MAWP) calculation.

Productivity Features

  • ASME U-1 Forms can now be generated through PV Elite and MS Excel.
  • A new program is available for generating tubesheet layouts for shell and tube heat exchangers.
  • Updated and Improved the Nozzle Dialog, this makes the input of Angled/hillside Nozzles and nozzles on nozzles much easier.
  • Updated the global nozzle material change functionality.

Internationalization Features

  • Australian Seismic code 1170.4-1993 added.
  • Canadian 2005 Seismic and Wind codes added.
  • The European EN 1991-1-4:2005 (E) Wind Code has been added.
  • Updated the Australian Wind code.

Visualization Features

  • Nozzles located on the bottom head can have piping attached to them.
  • Reinforcing Pads are now graphically shown on lugs and legs.
  • Nozzle detail Sketches are now included in the results.

External Interface and Output

  • The standard nozzle loads that are stored in the look up file (in Excel format), can be automatically divided in to Sustained, Expansion and Occasional categories for analysis, by specifying multipliers.
  • Several design input data have been added to the MS Access database Export.
  • Updates to the Output program including option to set the report order, custom header and more.
  • The CAESAR II nozzle load import has been updated to work with the latest version 5.10.

Источник: http://www.coade.com/productfiles/pvelite/pv08.htm

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