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Speedo на основе ANSYS/CFD-технологий разработала самый быстрый плавательный костюм в мире

Компания Speedo, известный производитель изделий для плавания, разработала новый плавательный костюм, который, как показывают независимые тесты, является самым "быстрым" в мире, сообщает Brandnation PR.

Speedo_LZR RACER swimsuit_ANSYS CFD

Костюм Speedo LZR RACER. Фото с сайта responcesource.com

Костюм LZR RACER сделан из сверхлегкой водоотталкивающей ткани, которая быстро сохнет и, за счет гладкой поверхности, позволяет уменьшить сопротивление воды. Костюм не имеет ни единого шва: фрагменты соединялись при помощи ультразвука.

В костюм вделаны специальные панели, придающие телу пловца максимально обтекаемую форму. При этом спортсмену легко находиться в наиболее выгодном положении, и он не теряет свободы движений. "Когда я вхожу в воду, я чувствую себя ракетой", — сказал о костюме Майкл Фелпс, обладатель нескольких мировых рекордов и множества олимпийских медалей.

Фелпс, как и многие другие выдающиеся пловцы, участвовал в разработке костюма. Speedo изучила тела более четырехсот спортсменов, провела испытания различных образцов тканей, проконсультировалась со многими научными организациями, включая NASA,Австралийский институт спорта и компанию ANSYS, которая разрабатывает ПО для исследования динамики жидкостей.

February 12, 2008, London.  In its 80 th anniversary year, Speedo, the world's number one swim brand - represented in over 170 countries - has unveiled the world's fastest swimsuit, the LZR RACER®. This follows three years research and development by Speedo in house R&D team Aqualab, working with a number of global partners including the United States space agency NASA, world leading computer-aided engineering software and service provider ANSYS, Inc., world renowned sports science team at the Australian Institute of Sport and cutting edge international fashion label Comme des Garçons.

In a high tech hologram launch that saw the world's fastest swimmer, Michael Phelps (USA) appear in London , New York , Sydney and Tokyo on the same day, the Speedo LZR RACER was revealed to a global media audience and swim fans online at http://www.speedo.com/time

The ‘space age' Speedo LZR RACER suit is made from ultra lightweight, low drag, water repellent, fast drying fabric, unique to Speedo, called LZR PULSE. It is the world's first 100 per cent ultrasonically welded racing swimsuit with bonded seams that give the effect of no seams at all - as well as special LZR Panels that compress the swimmer's body into a more streamlined shape. A striking calligraphic design by Comme des Garçons on the front panel of the bodysuit enhances the cutting edge appearance of the suit that Phelps, winner of 8 medals in Athens 2004, has declared makes him “ feel like a rocket” when he hits the water.

NASA Langley Research Centre's eminence in fluid and thermodynamics was integral to the development of the LZR PULSE fabric. Fabrics were subjected to rigorous surface friction tests in one of the world's most accurate wind tunnels, similar to those used in the research and development of spacecraft components.


Speedo_LZR RACER swimsuit_ANSYS CFD_01


Speedo_LZR RACER swimsuit_ANSYS CFD_02


Speedo_LZR RACER swimsuit_ANSYS CFD_03


Speedo_LZR RACER swimsuit_ANSYS CFD_04

Speedo also enlisted the expertise of ANSYS, Inc. and its leading CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software that can simulate and test air and liquid flows, including the drag and flow of water around a “virtual swimmer's” body.

The technology is used extensively by aerospace, civil, naval industries and other sports such as F1 motor racing and America 's Cup yacht racing. Chris Reid, vice president of marketing at ANSYS explained, “Computer-aided engineering (CAE) software from ANSYS offers an incredibly accurate and cost-effective way of applying engineering principles to help develop and assess potential sports performance involving fluid flows.

Speedo recognises the value this technology can bring by creating leading, innovative products that reinforce its number 1 position and enhance its brand in the market”.

Speedo co-President, David Robinson said, “We place great emphasis on research and development and have made a multi million pound investment in the development of the Speedo LZR RACER. Our focus on performance is as great now as it was when the company began in 1928. Our partnerships, with Comme des Garçons, NASA, Australian Institute of Sport and ANSYS, bring performance and design together to create the best for our consumers. The results speak for themselves when you see that more gold medals and swimming records are achieved with Speedo than any other brand in the world”.

The Speedo LZR RACER suit will debut at national trials in countries around the world from March and looks destined to be a record breaker with indications of more medals being won by swimmers wearing Speedo in 2008 – the company's 80 th anniversary - proof of the company's ongoing commitment and determination to maintain its position as the World No.1 swimwear brand.

About Speedo®
Synonymous with swimwear, the iconic brand celebrates 80 years of dominance creating revolutionary new technologies, designs and innovations.  In the 1920s Speedo® made history with the Racerback: the world's first non-wool suit. In 2008 Speedo® redefines swimwear again with Fastskin® LZR RACER®  - the fastest and most technologically advanced swimsuit ever created; meanwhile designer collaborations with Comme des Garçons put Speedo® at the cutting edge of design. As the world's leading swimwear brand, Speedo® is passionate about life in and around the water, supporting swimming from beginners through to elite level, including the phenomenal Michael Phelps.  Speedo® is owned by Pentland Brands and distributed in over 170 countries around the world; to find out more visit: www.speedo.com. SPEEDO, the ARROW device, LZR PULSE and LZR RACER are registered trade marks of Speedo Holdings B.V. The LZR RACER suit has worldwide design rights and patents pending.

About ANSYS, Inc.
ANSYS, Inc. (NASDAQ: ANSS) , founded in 1971, develops and globally markets engineering simulation software and technologies widely used by engineers and designers across a broad spectrum of industries. The Company focuses on the development of open and flexible solutions that enable users to analyze designs directly on the desktop, providing a common platform for fast, efficient and cost-conscious product development, from design concept to final-stage testing and validation. The Company and its global network of channel partners provide sales, support and training for customers. Headquartered in Canonsburg , Pennsylvania , U.S.A. , with more than 40 strategic sales locations throughout the world, ANSYS, Inc. and its subsidiaries employ approximately 1,400 people and distribute ANSYS products through a network of channel partners in over 40 countries. Visit www.ansys.com for more information.



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