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Hi-Tech новости 25 Февраля 2008 года
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MSC.Software и Boeing продлили долгосрочное соглашение о сотрудничестве

MSC.Software анонсировала продление долгосрочного сотрудничества с компанией Boeing, в рамках которого в инженерную деятельность компании будут внедрены новые технологии Enterprise Advantage от MSC.Software. Boeing была одной из первых компаний, вступивших в программу стратегического сотрудничества (Strategic Alliance Partnership). Новое соглашение обеспечивает доступ ко всем разработкам MSC.Software, включая новые SimXpert, SimManager Enterprise и MD Nastran.


MSC.Software_SimEnterprise_2007          MDNastran_ProductImage


MSC.Software (NASDAQ: MSCS), the leading global provider of enterprise simulation solutions, including simulation software and services, today announced that The Boeing Company has entered into a new multiyear agreement under which they will leverage MSC.Software's new Enterprise Advantage system for flexible access to next generation simulation technology and solutions across the Boeing enterprise.

Boeing has been a pioneer in recognizing the tremendous opportunities of enterprise simulation and was the first company to sign a Strategic Alliance Partnership, an MSC.Software sponsored initiative. This new agreement builds upon the existing environment, guarantees continued access to the solutions already in place, and adds new technology from MSC.Software's SimEnterprise solutions including the company's new multi-discipline solver technology, SimXpert for advanced simulation templating and SimManager for process management.

"The Boeing Company consistently strives to translate technological innovation into product innovation that positively influences both our customers and business value," said Carol Pittman, Director of Information Technology (IT) for Engineering Systems and the Boeing Executive IT sponsor for the MSC partnership. "We believe MSC.Software's Enterprise Simulation Solutions will help enable this innovation as we deploy the new technology."

"We are pleased that major aerospace manufacturers like Boeing are increasingly adopting MSC.Software's next generation enterprise simulation initiative and the associated new product portfolio," said Bill Weyand, chief executive officer for MSC.Software. "With MD Nastran and SimEnterprise, MSC.Software is driving a new way of developing and managing simulation which will increase productivity gains as well, drive first to market and right to market, and positively impact the overall bottom line."

"By aligning closely with forward looking customers like Boeing and understanding their technology and business needs, we are able to drive the content of MD and SimEnterprise in direct response to those needs," said Glenn Wienkoop, president of MSC.Software. "This commitment is an excellent example of a long term customer relationship that continues to evolve toward mutual success as MSC.Software drives technology to satisfy Boeing requirements as generally representative of the aerospace market."

About MD Nastran
MD Nastran is the world's most powerful enterprise simulation software solution, combining the best-in-class technology platforms including MSC Nastran, Marc, Dytran and LS-Dyna into one fully integrated multidiscipline framework for the enterprise. MD Nastran provides the broadest range of simulation and analysis capabilities available in the market today with unique integrated coupling between discipline technologies to provide more accurate real world simulations. It is the solution technology at the center of the company's new SimEnterprise portfolio. By combining the most common simulation types into a single integrated data model, MD Nastran allows manufacturers to more efficiently address a broad set of multi-disciplinary engineering applications. Traditionally such analysis would be performed using a linked series of analyses, with manual or a limited automatic connectivity. The MD approach addresses multidisciplinary applications in a fully combined solution, therefore eliminating the need for re-modeling and transfer of data, and hence reduces the potential for error. The MD system architecture also enables new levels of solution optimization, thereby creating faster simulations with higher accuracy and more reliability than was previously possible.

About SimManager Enterprise

SimManager Enterprise allows businesses to harness the sea of data produced in product development and save time and costs with easy management and integration of engineering data within the IT infrastructure. SimManager goes beyond traditional data management approaches in enabling process based automation of simulation. MSC.Software SimManager includes and optimizes IBM technology, including DB2, WebSphere and Tivoli as a part of SimManager Enterprise, pre-configuring and testing these technologies for ease of installation, rapid scalability and aligning smoothly with enterprise architecture strategies such as the adoption of an enterprise Service Oriented Architecture. The combination of IBM's technology, services and integration expertise along with SimManager Enterprise's capabilities provides a complete solution stack for the management of simulation processes and product performance data, ensuring scalability for global deployments.

More information on SimManager and SimEnterprise can be found at www.mscsoftware.com

About SimXpert

SimXpert is MSC.Software's next-generation CAE solution that enables manufacturers to accelerate the speed and accuracy of simulation, increase design productivity, and bring better products to market faster by providing and end-to-end life cycle environment for computer aided engineering (CAE) and automated simulation. Designed exclusively for dedicated analysts, SimXpert is built around MSC.Software's multidiscipline (MD) core solver set, effectively combining all of the most common FE solutions into a single analysis framework built upon a common data model. The SimXpert interface comprises interchangeable workspaces (including Structures, Motion, Thermal, and Explicit) each designed to efficiently guide the analyst through the modeling set-up, solution submission, and results interpretation for the chosen application. Further modeling efficiencies are achieved through native CAD interoperability and full associativity of the CAD and FEM geometries. The SimTemplate Studio also allows SimXpert users to capture, share, and reuse all stages of the simulation process, from modeling, solution, and pre/post processing to results manipulation and report generation, thereby mobilizing the inherent design intellect, and promoting consistency and best-practice throughout the design stakeholders. SimXpert is also fully operational with SimManager, thereby enhancing existing PLM environments with a process and data management uniquely dedicated to simulation requirements.

About MSC.Software Corporation

MSC.Software (NASDAQ: MSCS) is the global leader of enterprise simulation solutions, that help companies make money, save time and reduce costs associated with designing and testing manufactured products. MSC.Software works with thousands of companies in hundreds of industries to develop better products faster by utilizing information technology, software, services and systems. MSC.Software employs more than 1200 people in 23 countries. For additional information about MSC.Software's products and services, please visit www.mscsoftware.com.


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