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Flow Science, Inc. анонсировала выход Flow 3D/MP v3.0 CFD

Flow Science, Inc. анонсировала выход новой версии CFD программной системы FLOW-3D, предназначенной для распределенных вычислений на кластерах с целью моделирования реальных технологических процессов, включающих сложные течения газа и жидкости, многофазных жидкостей. На 8-ми процессорных кластерах достигнуты следующие ускорения: от 4-х кратного для очень сложных (very challenging) задач до 7-ми кратного - в простых случаях (ideal case).


SANTA FE, NM, Apr 16, 2008 - Flow Science, Inc. announces that a new release of the distributed memory version of its FLOW-3D computational fluid dynamics software is now available.

LOW-3D/MP v3.0 provides users with more efficient execution and faster simulations while continuing to deliver the same highly-accurate results that users are accustomed to with FLOW-3D. This new, robust version for clusters gives engineers shorter design cycles for simulating real-world manufacturing processes involving large flow domains with complex flow phenomena.

FLOW-3D/MP v3.0 has undergone rigorous testing. Efficiencies ranging from 50% to nearly 90% on a variety of problem types have been obtained on 8 processors. Scaling has been demonstrated on up to 16 processors. Runtime improvements on 8 processors range from 7X speed-up in an ideal case to 4X on a very challenging high-speed filling case.

FLOW-3D/MP v3.0 has the same capabilities as the serial 9.2.1 version of FLOW-3D.The MP version includes all the physical models of the serial version, including FLOW-3D’s unique General Moving Objects Collision Model that allows moving objects to interact with fluids and other solid objects in a realistic fashion, and faster execution through the use of Unstructured Memory Allocation and Locally Implicit Advection. A complete list of the features added in FLOW-3D version 9.2.1 can be found on Flow Science’s website, http://www.flow3d.com/.

In making the announcement, Flow Science’s Vice President of Engineering and Customer Support, John Ditter, said, “We feel this new release is rock-solid and offers our customers an excellent opportunity to get their FLOW-3D results faster. We’ve put a lot of effort into finding ways to improve the efficiency of the software for distributed memory execution, and the benchmarks we’ve run show the work has paid off.”

FLOW-3D/MP, first released in 2006, uses multi-block methodology to decompose the computational domain into blocks, which are then distributed among the nodes in a cluster. The Message Passing Interface (MPI) programming model is used to communicate data between block interfaces. FLOW-3D/MP v3.0 uses the MPICH2 implementation of MPI.

About Flow Science Inc

Flow Science, Inc. is a privately-held software company specializing in transient free-surface flow modeling for a wide range of industrial and scientific applications. Flow Science has a worldwide network of distributors for FLOW-3D sales and support. FLOW-3D is a registered trademark in the USA and other countries.

For more information, visit http://www.flow3d.com/about/pr/about_pr_mp3-0.html.