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CAD/CAE/CFD/CAO/HPC новости 9 Июня 2008 года
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Airbus выбирает CÆSAM от SAMTECH для проекта A350 XWB

Компания SAMTECH, европейский разработчик программного обеспечения для инженерных расчетов, анонсировала выбор компании Airbus в пользу CAE системы CÆSAM на базе платформы ISAMI. Этот комерческий продукт компании SAMTECH предназначен для параметрических конечно-элементных расчетов. Инженеры Airbus будут использовать CÆSAM для моделирования композитных и металических частей A350 XWB.

Семейство лайнеров A350 XWB (аббревиатура XWB расшифровывается как «extra wide-body», что можно перевести как экстра-широкий фюзеляж) разрабатывается компанией Airbus в ответ на по­требности индустрии воздушных перевозок в широкофюзеляжных дальнемагистральных са­мо­летах сред­ней вместимости. Ввод в эксплуатацию этого самолета, не являющегося моди­фикацией предыдущих авиалайнеров фирмы, а спроектированного заново, заплани­ро­ван на 2012 год. У самолетов A350 XWB будет совершенно новая, в полной мере отве­чающая требованиям ХХI века конструкция пла­нера. Пассажирские салоны этих самолетов будут очень просторными и комфорта­бель­ными, благодаря увеличенному поперечному се­че­нию фю­зеляжа. A350 XWB также будут исключи­тельно эффективными, экологичными и ма­ло­шумными. В их создании будут применены все передовые технологии, доступные в начале ХХI века. Таким образом, получит мощное развитие опыт, накопленный в созда­нии лайнеров А380.


SAMTECH, the European specialist in the development of Computer Aided Engineering Software, is pleased to announce today the decision made by Airbus to deploy its new trans-national Structure Analysis environment ISAMI. ISAMI is made of an exhaustive collection of harmonized sizing tools developed or selected by the Airbus methods team plugged into the CÆSAM CAE enterprise integration framework. CÆSAM is a commercial tool developed by SAMTECH and some of the methods call SAMCEF parameterized finite element models and solutions. The new platform ISAMI will be used by Airbus for the composite and metallic structural sizing of the A350 XWB.

ISAMI which stands for "Improved Structure Analysis Multidisciplinary Integration" is the transnational harmonization solution designed to meet the structural analysis challenge. The purpose of ISAMI is to integrate the AIRBUS aircraft structure analyses in one single Computer Aided Engineering framework where all the computation processes, methods, software tools and data are fully embedded. The CAE multi-disciplinary framework CÆSAM developed by SAMTECH was chosen by Airbus to be this single structure analysis framework supporting element/brick/stone/arm of the ISAMI project.

Airbus to Use CÆSAM for A350 XWB Structural Analysis

“The A350 XWB is the first opportunity to use CÆSAM industrially”, says Eric Carnoy, SAMTECH CEO. “By selecting our CAE framework CÆSAM to tackle its important challenge in Aircraft Structural Analysis and in bringing Virtual Testing for aircraft certification to the front line, Airbus demonstrates once again its confidence and trust in SAMTECH. It strengthens the long term partnership that was initiated more than 20 years ago around the metallic and composite structural analysis capabilities of our SAMCEF FEA, solutions, non coincidentally part of ISAMI too”.


CÆSAM, (an acronym for "Computer Aided Engineering by SAMTECH") is a complete suite designed to go significantly further on the deployment and automation of capitalized Multi-Disciplinary analysis processes based on numerical simulation tools.

Knowledge Management and Extended Enterprise

The encapsulation of skills and knowledge into engineering Processes that combine and chain multiple Analysis tools is a natural way to ensure the re-usability and knowledge sharing, inside or outside a company while protecting its IPR. The analyst experts of the company (named hereafter “authors”) can autonomously build and document their own simulation process, involving commercial software, in-house codes, but also re-engineered algorithms with the CÆSAM development toolkit. This includes any kind of simulation, from simple analytic formulas to complex FE models, for whom advanced capabilities (pre- and post- processing, exchange...) are provided.

Multi-Disciplinary Integration Platform and Up-to-Date Technology

CÆSAM offers an open architecture, mostly based on a plug-in approach and on programming standards such as JAVA, XML, SQL queries, Python… The core of this open architecture is a common “Analysis Model” created by the experts of the company and shared by all across the relevant disciplines. This architecture allows to work either linked to the in-house SDM (Simulation Data Management) or in stand-alone mode, making possible to use it in the early design stages and/or by off-line subcontractors.


SAMTECH s.a. is a European leading provider of Computer Aided Engineering software. Founded in 1986, SAMTECH develops and markets the general-purpose Finite Element Analysis code SAMCEF, the Multi-Disciplinary Optimization platform BOSS Quattro and the Open CAE Integration Framework CÆSAM. These core engineering software tools answer to a wide range of industrial needs from the preliminary phases of design to the most advanced verification analyses. The software technology of SAMTECH has an unsurpassed reputation for its quality and reliability. It has been adopted by many major companies across all engineering disciplines as an integral part of their design process.

SAMTECH Group currently employs about 230 people, with 11 direct offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and China for technical support, sales and services, plus a network of technically advanced distributors in other markets. SAMTECH is a Dassault Systemes partner for the development of its products embedded in or connected to CATIAV5.

SAMTECH is certified to ISO9001:2000 quality standards and operates more and more through a network of subsidiaries and representatives in key locations around the world.

For more information visit at http://www.samcef.com.

http://www.tenlinks.com, http://www.minprom.gov.ru

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