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CAD/CAE/CFD/CAO/HPC новости 25 Июля 2008 года
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Конкурс "Создай будущее" от SolidWorks и NASA Tech Briefs

Корпорация SolidWorks и издатели журнала NASA Tech Briefs анонсировали начало приема работ на конкурс "Создай будущее" (Create the Future Design Contest).



В конкурсе может принять участие проекты изобретений в одной из следующих категорий: машины и механизмы, оборудование, потребительские товары, медицина, безопасность, транспрот и экология. Проект должен содержать описание проблемы и модель изобретения в любом формате (CAD модель, чертеж и т.д.). Победители в каждой категории получат рабочую станцию от HP, главный приз конкурса 20.000$. Спонсорами конкурса помимо SolidWorks и NASA Tech Briefs выступили COMSOL, Hewlett-Packard и National Instruments.

Celebrating the "a-ha!" moment latent in every product designer and engineer, the Create the Future Design Contest sponsored by SolidWorks Corporation and Tech Briefs Media Group is accepting entries from inventors around the world. Engineers and product designers have until Oct. 17, 2008 to submit their ideas for the next invention that could change how we work, play, and live. In its seventh year, the contest celebrates entrants' abilities to explore new ways to design the, as yet, unimagined. Aside from the ,000 grand prize, the contest will award a new powerful HP workstation to each of the category winners, and 0 to the top 6 most popular entries. To submit an entry or find out more information about the Create the Future Design Contest, visit www.createthefuturecontest.com.

Other contest co-sponsors include COMSOL, Hewlett-Packard, and National Instruments. Contest entrants have six categories from which to choose: machinery, equipment, and component technology; consumer products; medical; safety and security; transportation; and sustainable technologies.

A panel of expert judges will evaluate entries based on innovation, marketability, manufacturability, and cost effectiveness. Winning ideas can include products that are entirely conceptual, or in prototyping or early production. The key criteria will be bold alternatives to conventional approaches. Qualified entries will include a text description (500 words or less) on an idea for a mechanical or electro-mechanical product in the categories above. They should also include a 30-word abstract of the idea and a 30-word description of the problem solved. Finally, they should have one or more visual illustrations (regardless of format, i.e., CAD file, sketch, etc.) of the idea.

"In six years this contest has been the seed bed for innovative designs that could someday be ubiquitous," said Joe Pramberger, president of Tech Briefs Media Group. "Last year's contest set a record with nearly 1,000 entries and we expect 2008 to be even bigger."

About Tech Briefs Media Group

The Tech Briefs Media Group is publisher of NASA Tech Briefs, the largest-circulation design-engineering magazine worldwide and Defense Tech Briefs, the largest-circulation engineering magazine for the mil/aero market. Combined, these products reach over 600,000 engineers and managers worldwide. Through organic growth, the Tech Briefs Media Group product line has grown to include print/digital advertising, email/web products, virtual events, seminars & conferences, custom media and content related advertising. Additional products include Photonics Tech Briefs, Imaging Technology, Motion Control Technology, Defense Tech Briefs, RF & Microwave Technology and Embedded Technology. For more information, visit: www.techbriefsmediagroup.com.

About SolidWorks Corporation

SolidWorks Corporation, a Dassault Systemes S.A.company, develops and markets software for design, analysis, and product data management. It is the leading supplier of 3D CAD technology, giving teams intuitive, high-performing software that helps them design better products. For the latest news, information, or an online demonstration, visit the company's Web site ( www.solidworks.com) or call 1-800-693-9000 (outside of North America, call +1-978-371-5000).

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