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Выход системы конечно-элементного анализа ALGOR V22

Компания ALGOR, Inc. анонсировала выход новой версии системы конечно-элементного анализа ALGOR V22. В этом релизе улучшены все области работы системы: построение модели и КЭ сетки, моделирование нагрузок, анализ и представление результатов расчета. Список новых возможностей включает в себя поддержку 64-битной платформы, MUMPS-решатель для решения сложных CFD задач на распределенных вычислительных системах, анализ накопленния повреждений и прогрессивного разрушения волокнистых композитных материалов, а также улучшенный менеджер задания нагрузок.

ALGOR, Inc., a leading provider of design, analysis and simulation software, announced that its latest, major finite element analysis (FEA) software release, ALGOR V22, significantly upgrades all areas of FEA – modeling, simulation and results evaluation and presentation.


New and improved features include: expanded support for 64-bit systems, now including pre-processing and post-processing, allows users to handle larger models faster than ever before; analysis of open channel flow, involving a free surface between a flowing fluid and a gas above it, such as marine systems, drainage systems and liquid column gauges; a multifrontal massively parallel solver (MUMPS) for distributed memory systems, which allows faster solution of linear and nonlinear stress and fluid flow models; damage analysis for 2-D plane stress elements, primarily intended for simulating damage onset and growth in fiber-reinforced composite materials; and a software wizard to automatically calculate and apply remote loads to a stress model, such as a torque load to simulate twisting.

 ALGOR v22 Released for Finite Element Analysis
ALGOR V22 features

V22 users are responding enthusiastically to this major software release:

"We are constantly pushing the envelope on FEA model size and complexity," said Barry R. Stump, P.Eng. of INNOVENG Inc. in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. "With ALGOR V22, we have full use of the x64 processor – allowing us to mesh and analyze larger and more complex models. Now, we can routinely mesh models with approximately 2-million solid elements and perform linear analysis on those models."

"ALGOR V22 has allowed us to perform large-scale analyses that just weren’t possible before," said Brent Saba, PE-ME/MT, Principal Engineer/Owner of Saba Metallurgical and Plant Engineering Services, LLC in Baton Rouge, LA. "My company deals with large models with irregular-shaped parts on a routine basis and, with V22, we can perform intricate mechanical event simulations with numerous surface-to-surface contacts. Additionally, we have completed complex, 3-D fluid flow studies capturing vortex shedding with V22 that would rival all competitor CFD software."

ALGOR Product Manager Bob Williams said, "Developed in response to user requests, V22 provides ALGOR users with increased power, flexibility and ease-of-use for simulating engineering analyses of their product designs. V22's capabilities for larger models and additional analysis tools are moving us closer to true virtual prototyping, where a person working on a computer can simulate the testing of a product design as realistically as can be physically performed inside a laboratory. ALGOR V22 represents another significant step towards achieving that ultimate goal."

Other highlights of ALGOR V22 include:

  • Software wizard for generating a series of beam elements of linearly varying cross section to simulate a tapered beam
  • Improved default meshing for CAD models, which results in fewer elements overall and an optimized mesh size for each part of an assembly while maintaining accuracy
  • A Mesh Study software wizard, which automatically determines the optimal mesh density required to get accurate analysis results for a CAD model
  • Improved PV/Designer tool for modeling, analysis and validation of pressure vessels including:
    • Support for conical heads and reducers
    • Ability to create a zero-length main cylinder, such that the vessel consists of two heads connected together (e.g., a spherical vessel)
    • Automatically sets the element type
  • Expanded support for fracture analysis, now including static stress with linear material models
  • Improved results evaluation and presentation capabilities including:
    • Ability to view flow rate results for a fluid flow analysis
    • Beam code-checking for user-defined cross sections
    • Ability to inquire on the results of a node by specifying the coordinates
  • Capability to import a report configuration from a previous run
  • And much more.

The new and improved features of V22 enhance and expand ALGOR's wide range of simulation capabilities including: static stress with linear and nonlinear material models; Mechanical Event Simulation (MES) for nonlinear, multi-body dynamics with large-scale motion, large deformation and large strain with body-to-body contact; linear dynamics; fatigue; CFD including steady-state and transient heat transfer, steady and unsteady fluid flow and mass transfer; electrostatics; full multiphysics; and piping. All analysis capabilities are available within FEMPRO, ALGOR's easy-to-use single user interface.

To see a free learning session on the new ALGOR V22, view the "What's New Featuring V22" Webcast on the ALGOR web site – www.ALGOR.com.

About ALGOR, Inc.

ALGOR, Inc. provides cost-effective solutions for design, analysis and simulation and enables engineers to virtually test and predict real-world behavior of new and existing product designs, speed up time to market and make better, safer products at a lower cost. The company serves more than 20,000 customers in over 95 countries in organizations such as 3M, The Boeing Company, Delphi Corporation, DuPont, General Electric Company, General Motors Corporation, Goodrich Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company, IBM Corporation and NASA. Partnerships with other leading software companies offer data exchange with products from Alibre, Inc.; ANSYS, Inc.; Autodesk, Inc.; IronCAD; Kubotek USA, Inc.; MSC.Software Corporation; Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC); Robert McNeel & Associates; Solid Edge from UGS; SolidWorks Corporation, a Dassault Systemes S.A. company; SpaceClaim Corporation; and others. Educational support and customer service includes the use of Internet audio/video technology for distance learning and free, live software demonstrations.

For more information visit www.ALGOR.com.

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