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Выход программной системы STAR-CCM+ V3.06 от CD-adapco

Компания CD-adapco анонсировала выход новой версии системы STAR-CCM+ V3.06. Эта система представляет инженерам мощные возможности для решения мультидисциплинарных задач, включая процессы горения, многофазные потоки, перенос тепла в жидкостях и твердых телах, динамические процессы в жидкостях и многих других. Новая версия содержит значительные улучшения, связанные с решением задач о взаимодействии жидкости и конструкций (Fluid Structure Interaction - FSI) - теперь этот процесс автоматизирован в одной программной системе и нет необходимости использовать другое ПО для структурного анализа.

CD-adapco is pleased to announce the release of STAR-CCM+ V3.06, the latest version of its cutting edge engineering simulation software, which is now available from the User Services Site. More than just a CFD code, STAR-CCM+ is an integrated platform providing powerful multi-physics simulations, including: combustion; multiphase flow; heat transfer through solids and fluids; dynamic fluid body interaction; and, in the latest release, solid stress: all from within a single environment.

Автоматическое моделирование потоков в STAR-CCM+ V3.06

Автоматическое моделирование потоков в STAR-CCM+ V3.06

According to Jean-Claude Ercolanelli, CD-adapco’s VP Product Management, the arrival of STAR-CCM+ V3.06 represents a true paradigm shift in the simulation of multi-field and multi-domain problems:

Everyone appreciates that most practical problems involving fluid dynamics are in some way also related to the interaction between fluids and one or more solid bodies. In the past, Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) normally required manual sequential coupling between CFD and structural analysis software”, says Ercolanelli. “The implementation of finite volume solid stress modeling within STAR-CCM+ has changed this situation, providing users with the ability to automatically solve the physics of both fluid and solid domains simultaneously, resulting in a complete simulation of Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) using a single computational model”.

Mesh Morphing and Multi-body Dynamic Fluid Body Interaction

This latest version of STAR-CCM+ extends the recently introduced DFBI modeling capabilities by introducing the ability to simulate the movement of solid bodies using either embedded motion or mesh morphing. By enclosing the body to be studied in a spherical or cylindrical sub-domain, the embedded motion technique allows the simulation of extreme levels of rotation such as lifeboats falling into water or shipping containers slamming into the ocean. While the sub-domain is free to rotate without limitation, the rotation and translation of the outer fluid domain may be limited; ensuring robustness of solution without having to resort to time and resource consuming re-meshing techniques.

For more complex movements and situations involving multiple bodies, STAR-CCM+ now has the ability to “morph” the volume mesh either prescribed by the user or automatically when invoked by the DFBI model. By deforming the mesh around an object, without the need for remeshing, the morphing model can be used to simplify many moving mesh simulations including fluid and rigid body-interaction as well as design optimization studies.

Improved productivity and CAD/CAE integration

STAR-CCM+ V3.06 also includes a wide range of enhancements aimed at improving the quality of your simulation results while increasing your productivity:

  • Native CAD readers: get the latest geometry configurations from Designers without translation or file duplication
  • Projection back to CAD after remeshing or wrapping:  high quality meshes can now be created on curved surfaces, such as those at the leading edge of an aerofoil.
  • Export and map CFD results onto ABAQUS mesh: offers further flexibility for FSI simulation and collaboration between multi-disciplinary teams
  • Fire and Smoke Wizard: developed in collaboration with leading Swiss fire and smoke modeling specialists Gruener AG.

Advanced and validated new physics modeling capabilities

  • Transition Modeling: simulate laminar-turbulent transition using the Gamma-Retheta model validated for turbomachinery, racing boats, Formula One cars and aircrafts
  • LES new WALE model for effectively handle larger and more complex models on Aeroacoustics analyses
  • Mass transfer in Lagrangian Multi-phase models
  • De-fogging and De-icing: thin film modeling for vehicle thermal management simulations

Try it today

STAR-CCM+ V3.06 is now available for download from the User Services Site, or from your local CD-adapco office.

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