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Компания PTC анонсировала выход MathCAD 14

Представлен первый релиз математического пакета MathCAD 14 под эгидой PTC, купившего Mathsoft Engineering & Education в мае 2006 года. В новой версии программной системы улучшена работа солвера, доработан пользовательский интерфейс, появилась поддержка нескольких новых языков и кодировок. "Вычисления в MathCAD теперь проходят быстрее, а пользовательский интерфейс стал более понятен" - отмечают разработчики.

Mathcad 14, which is scheduled for release the middle of February, includes solver improvements, a symbolic math update, single-statement definition and evaluation, a visual update that makes it more closely resemble how a mathematician would work on paper, and the addition of Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean language versions. Mathcad 14 represents the first global release of the program under the PTC (Needham, MA) aegis since PTC acquired Mathsoft Engineering & Education last May.

Mathcad 14 now includes full UNICODE support, improving usability of the program. With about 2,000 new characters and symbols included in the program, it improves clarity of documentation, allows for better formatting and printing capability, and improves IP capture and reuse. Mathcad 14 allows for more compact notation, allowing users to calculate and view math solutions inline, rather than using multiple fields that require continued scrolling up and down a page.
The latest version also takes advantage of improved differential equation solving and algorithms for faster, more reliable solutions. The enhancements improve documentation and allow for a broader range of engineering design problems to be solved, and results in fewer adjustments of tolerances or methods.

After a rundown of enhancements from Sandy Joung, PTC's director of product marketing, media representatives and analysts were treated to a demonstration of Mathcad 14 that pointed up its improved speed and increased simplicity.

After the demo, Greg O’Neill, a senior RF engineer from SkyCross Inc. (Viera, FL), which makes antennae for the wireless market, described how his team used a beta version of Mathcad 14. He used it to develop mathematical parameters to drive Pro/Engineer geometry in the design of a new wireless antenna for a personal video player/phone in wide use in South Korea.

He called the program "invaluable" for its ability to calculate and facilitate the easy identification and recording of mistakes and misplaced decimals, etc., leading to "focused optimization" of RF design.

For more information, visit ptc.com.


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