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CAD/CAE/CFD/CAO/HPC новости 24 Января 2007 года
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Компания PTC реформирует линейку своих программных продуктов

Компания PTC объявила о выходе новой связки программных пакетов для 3D CAD моделированияPro/ENGINEER. С 1 апреля 2007 года выходят 5 вариантов Pro/ENGINEER, самый полный из которых - Pro/ENGINEER Enterprise XE – будет включать в себя компоненты MathCAD (инженерные вычисления) и Arbortext Editor (редактирование XML документов).

PTC announced new bundling packages that are due to take effect April 1, 2007. The base package (which used to be Pro/ENGINEER Foundation Advantage) will now be known as Pro/ENGINEER Foundation XE (for Extended Edition) and be available for ,995.

A new range of mid-tier packages has been added called Pro/ENGINEER Advanced SE (Standard Edition) and Pro/ENGINEER Advanced XE. The high end package previously known as Flex 3C (for create, collaborate and control) will now be called Pro/ENGINEER Enterprise SE. Finally, PTC will introduce an even higher end package, called Pro/ENGINEER Enterprise XE, that include products from recent acquisitions, namely Mathcad and Arbortext.

PTC Revamps Product Packages
(click for larger picture)

Apparently, the "Wildfire" terminology is to be phased out, a victim of its own success. Wildfire was originally only a code name for a release of Pro/ENGINEER but caught on too well.

Says Gearoid "Gar" Smyth: "The release of Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 1.0 in 2003 introduced some confusion in the marketplace around the Pro/ENGINEER brand. The 'Wildfire' term was introduced to signify the new generation of Pro/ENGINEER. PTC was so successful at promoting the new generation of Pro/ENGINEER that some incorrectly believed it [Wildfire] to be a new product separate from Pro/ENGINEER. They also incorrectly believed Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire to be our small-medium business (SMB) offering and Pro/ENGINEER to be PTC’s high-end offering. To clarify, Pro/ENGINEER is the PTC product family brand name. Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, etc., form the release numbering scheme. Pro/ENGINEER is the PTC product family brand name."

The new packages were introduced at PTC's Media and Analyst Days.

Details of packages follow:

Pro/ENGINEER Foundation XE (,995)

This is entry level for users seeking 3D MCAD. This package included the following products and capabilities:

  • 3D parametric part modeling
  • 2D documentation
  • Technical surfacing (parametric)
  • Assembly modeling
  • Weld modeling, documentation
  • Mechanism design and design animation
  • ModelCHECK- QA Tool
  • Data interoperability and import data repair
  • Integrated Web capabilities
  • Library of parts, features, tools

Pro/ENGINEER Advanced SE (,995)

Includes Pro/ENGINEER Foundation XE (above) and adds:

  • adds on demand Windchill PDMLink
    (includes one year of hosted service, subsequent years cost /month)
  • Web training
    (one year of PTC University online courses)

Pro/ENGINEER Advanced XE (,995)

This package includes Pro/ENGINEER Foundation XE and adds:

  • Choice of Pro/INTRALINK or Windchill PDMLink
    (on premise, hosted on demand available for extra fee)
  • Choice of one of the following modules:
    • Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Assembly Extension
    • Pro/ENGINEER Behavioral Modeling Extension
      (derivative of Mechanica)
    • Pro/ENGINEER Interactive Surface Design
      (for free form surfaces)
    • Pro/ENGINEER Mechanism Design Option
      (advanced mechanisms)
    • Pro/ENGINEER Piping & Cabling

Pro/ENGINEER Enterprise SE (,995)

This package includes Pro/ENGINEER Advanced XE plus the following:

  • Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Assembly Extension
  • Pro/ENGINEER Behavioral Modeling Extension
  • Pro/ENGINEER Interactive Surface Design
  • Pro/ENGINEER Mechanism Design Option
  • Pro/ENGINEER Piping & Cabling
  • Windchill ProjectLink Collaboration and project management capabilities
    (adds collaboration, project management)

Pro/ENGINEER Enterprise XE (,995)

This package includes Pro/ENGINEER Enterprise SE plus:

  • Mathcad
    (engineering calculations)
  • Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica
    (simulation and analysis )
  • ProductView Standard Edition
    (advanced visualization)
  • Arbortext Editor
    (XML document editor)
  • PTC University Web-based training
    (over 75 hours of training for Mathcad, Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica, ProductView, and Arbortext Editor)
    (2-year subscription)


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