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MSC.Software выпускает обновления Adams, MSC Nastran, Patran, Marc и Dytran

Компания MSC.Software объявила о выходе обновлений для своей линейки CAE программных систем Adams, MSC Nastran, Patran, Marc и Dytran. Улучшения коснулись инструментов моделирования, производительности расчетов и работы систем в целом. По словам вице-президента компании Reza Sadeghi, в планах на будущее объединение этих мощных CAE систем в единый комплекс, который позволит решать широкий класс инженерных задач для разных областей промышленности.

MSC.Software Corp. (NASDAQ: MSCS),  the leading global provider of enterprise simulation solutions and services, today announced immediately available updates and enhancements to their core CAE product suite including Adams, MSC Nastran, Patran, Marc and Dytran.  These updates demonstrate MSC.Software's continued commitment to provide best-in-class CAE solutions to its customers. The extensive enhancements expand simulation capabilities, increase solution performance, and improve the overall productivity of the virtual product development process.

"MSC.Software is committed to continued excellence in its engineering product suite," said Reza Sadeghi, chief technology officer and senior vice president, enterprise computing. "We have long been the market leaders in the CAE space and our commitment to innovation continues to ensure value and excellence for our customers. These five products represent MSC.Software's core CAE technology that has been helping manufacturers in a wide variety of industries develop quality products. Our commitment to these products and to our customers is reinforced by this latest release of the Engineering Products Suite and is further evidenced by the dramatic evolution of these products into our fully integrated MD technology framework."

MSC.Software's Adams, the CAE leader in system level analysis, is used to improve the design and performance of complex systems such as vehicles, aircraft, and even biological systems such as the human body. Using true physics-based equations of motion, engineers can determine the performance of proposed designs from the initial concept stages to fully detailed systems. Companies that use Adams show dramatic reductions in physical prototyping and testing costs. In the latest release of Adams, customers will benefit from numerous enhancements to the Adams Solver, Adams/Vibration, and Adams/Car.

MSC Nastran, the CAE leader in finite-element based structural analysis, is the Aerospace and Automotive standard for large model structural analysis. With over 40 years of success, MSC Nastran continues to be enhanced to meet customer's requirements.  Some of the new capabilities in the latest release include advancements in the solver performance, NVH and acoustics, new capabilities for shape and topology optimization, and advanced heat transfer analysis with thermal contact, to name a few.

Patran is a complete user-environment for creating finite element models. Patran's capabilities include direct access to CAD-generated geometry, powerful meshing algorithms, and support for many finite element solvers, such as MSC Nastran, Marc, Dytran, and others from Dassault Systemes and Ansys.  Patran also facilitates interrogation of the results of analyses to determine the durability of a proposed design.  Many enhancements have been included in this release including support for 64-bit hardware for working with very large models and new interface capabilities to improve the overall productivity of the analyst.

Marc is a leading finite element solver specializing in nonlinear analysis. This class of problem involves complex situations, such as contact, nonlinear material models, and extreme component deformations with fully automated mesh updates.  By creating robust nonlinear algorithms and benefiting from advancements in high performance computing resources, more companies are now able to leverage the power of nonlinear analysis to simulate system performance as well as optimize their manufacturing processes to better control the overall product quality and cost.  This release of Marc includes many enhancements, including new optimization for handling large assemblies such as Powertrain systems, new capabilities in component failure and delamination, advances in structural and thermal modeling, and more.

Dytran is used to simulate the behavior of moving and or accelerating structures (such as an impact, a drop, a shake, or a blast) to examine what might cause a product to fail.  Dytran is a finite element solution for analyzing complex nonlinear behavior involving permanent deformation of material properties or the interaction of fluids and structures.  Dytran enables engineers to study the structural integrity of designs to help ensure that final products meet customer safety, reliability, and regulatory requirements.  In this latest release of Dytran, new capabilities have been included to reduce solution time for many fluid-structural interaction problems.

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