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COSMOS 2006 от компании SolidWorks

Powerful design analysis functions are simplified to mouse clicks, templates, and help wizards in COSMOS® 2006, the newest release of COSMOS design validation software, SolidWorks Corporation announced today.

COSMOS 2006 software’s combination of powerful new functionality and ease-of-use enables companies to improve their processes with time- and cost-saving analysis from a design’s inception right up to production. The 100-plus new features are aimed at engineers who could benefit from analysis, but who don’t have the time to learn the science behind it or new applications. New interactive wizards, such as Analysis Advisor, help front-line engineers choose the appropriate analysis for their tasks, respond if an analysis fails, and interpret results accurately. COSMOS 2006 software packages frequently needed analysis inputs such as forces and constraints into templates called Analysis Libraries that eliminate the repetitive work.

“Seventy-five percent of the analysis that we do is repetitive on similar models. Enhancements like the analysis library make it easy to reuse analysis specifications such as loads, support, and contact conditions from one design iteration to another,” said Brent Toavas, project manager at Texas-based Lorimer Corporation, which designs and manufactures high pressure hydraulic control systems, umbilical spooling systems, and other equipment for the offshore oil industry.

The COSMOS product group for SolidWorks consists of COSMOSWorks® finite element analysis software; COSMOSMotion™ motion simulation software; and COSMOSFloWorks™ fluid dynamics analysis software. COSMOS’ tight integration with SolidWorks® 3D mechanical design software enables users to analyze their designs without exporting data or leaving the SolidWorks interface.

Upgrades to all three COSMOS applications

In addition to across-the-board usability enhancements and tighter integration with SolidWorks® 3D mechanical design software, the three COSMOS applications include more than 100 new capabilities and refinements to cut the time needed to set up and run an analysis. Many of the new features are exclusive to COSMOS or found only in much more expensive and complex products.

COSMOSWorks finite element analysis software includes several enhancements to the meshing functions that reduce this important analysis task’s time and complexity.

Enhancements in meshing allow engineers to

  • analyze assemblies of thick and thin parts with a timesaving combination of solid and shell meshes;
  • bond components in an assembly with clearances or gaps, without first modifying the assembly for analysis; and
  • use adaptive technology to automatically refine and/or coarsen mesh in local areas to converge to an accurate solution.

Among other key features are

  • “what’s wrong” indicators that display diagnostic messages in the SolidWorks user interface;
  • single-step modeling for commonly used connections such as ground bolts, link connectors, spot welds, and hinges;
  • enhanced drop testing functionality for analyzing contact between components in an assembly, and for defining the floor’s flexibility to simulate drops on different surfaces such as carpets, wood floors, concrete, etc.;
  • enhanced fatigue with the ability to use different fatigue curves for each part in an assembly and to use load history data to define loading events;
  • shape optimization using Design of Experiments (DOE) method; and
  • a new material model to simulate nickel titanium naval ordinance laboratory (NITINOL) material behavior commonly used to make stents in the medical device industry.

COSMOSMotion motion simulation software is updated with automatic mapping functions for geometry mates in the modeling of mechanical joints. The mapping functions give engineers a broader palette of ready-to-use mechanism setups for analyzing real-life problems. A new automatic import feature enables SolidWorks users to do a first-pass motion analysis using SolidWorks’ Physical Simulation tool, then more advanced motion testing in COSMOSMotion.

Other new features include

  • flexible joint support that allows multiple hinges to share loads equally, yielding more consistent results;
  • nonlinear springs and dampers such as those on automobile shock absorbers; and
  • results comparison between different simulations.

COSMOSFloWorks fluid dynamics has been given major new capabilities for 2006. Multiple rotating frames of reference enable COSMOSFloWorks users to analyze the heat and air flows in complex assemblies such as helicopters with two rotors and electrical enclosures with two fans rotating in different directions. COSMOSFloWorks can also analyze flows created by assemblies with non-symmetrical enclosures, such as impellers and centrifugal pumps.

Among COSMOSFloWorks’ other new features for 2006 are

  • analysis of liquid and gas in different regions of the same assembly, which helps in designing heat exchangers;
  • steam analysis that takes into account steam’s physical behavior; and
  • emulation of complex heat sink behavior, useful in designing electronics.

“We’ve always invested heavily in usability, but in COSMOS 2006 we’ve made a particularly aggressive push to make analysis tools that every engineer in every organization can use,” said Dr. Vasu Chavakula, SolidWorks vice president of research and development, analysis products. “Complexity doesn’t have to scare the average user away. COSMOS 2006 proves that engineering organizations can have the most sophisticated analysis throughout their design processes without sacrificing accuracy or ease of use. Even the most complicated analysis procedures can be broken down and simplified as we’ve done in this year’s release, and as we plan to continue doing in future versions of the software.” 

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