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Hi-Tech новости 11 Ноября 2005 года
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Audi AG выбирает LS-OPT и LS-DYNA от LSTC

DYNAmore GmbH, the German LS-DYNA distributor, announces that with Audi AG another new important customer from the automotive industry has become an LS-OPT and LS-DYNA user.

The optimization software LS-OPT and the crash simulation software package LS-DYNA, both products of the Livermore-based software developer LSTC, will be applied to improve passenger safety. Dr. Mlekusch, manager for passenger safety simulation and interior modules at Audi AG states: „With LS-OPT we use a powerful software package with special algorithms for optimizing highly nonlinear problems, which we typically face in crash and passenger safety simulations. LS-DYNA will be used for investigations to reduce the whiplash risks. The very high quality of the digital BioRID dummy model developed by DYNAmore is the reason to use LS-DYNA.”

Ulrich Franz, managing director of DYNAmore GmbH, states: „The fact, that with Audi now five German car manufacturers are among our LS-DYNA and LS-OPT customers, encourages us to continue along our technically orientated marketing strategy. The partnership with Audi is based on a long-term relationship. Thus, joint development projects and program adaptations to the requirements of the customer will play a significant role. “

John O. Hallquist, President of LSTC adds: "Since the foundation in 1987 our software development efforts have focused on simulating complex, real-world problems. Our success in the past years and the recent decision of the Audi AG encourages us to continue providing products with high performance,
functionality, and scalability that strongly focus on customer needs. Working closely with our  distributors, like DYNAmore in Germany, LSTC will continue the successful path by enhancing continuously our products LS-DYNA and LS-OPT.”


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