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ABAQUS® Student Edition

ABAQUS, Inc., the leading provider of software for advanced finite element analysis (FEA), today announced the release of ABAQUS® Student Edition. The new software complements ABAQUS Research Edition and Teaching Edition packages, which are used extensively in academic institutions all over the world to train engineers in the discipline of finite element analysis. The new ABAQUS Student Edition makes this superior FEA software readily accessible for personal use outside of the classroom.

ABAQUS software is well established at the university undergraduate, graduate, and research level at more than 1,000 sites worldwide. ABAQUS Teaching and Research Editions provide students and university research personnel with FEA software for classroom and research projects. ABAQUS Student Edition offers a version of the company's software that is economically priced so that engineering students can use it to supplement their classroom and research work.

"The response from my undergraduate students using the ABAQUS Student Edition has been overwhelmingly positive," said Jacob Fish, Professor of Civil, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. "Having parametric, feature-based modeling as well as complete preprocessing, solution, and postprocessing functionality in a robust FEA application made the selection of ABAQUS an easy choice. The program has a familiar look and feel to the students, who have generally been exposed to CAD."

ABAQUS software is featured in Professor Fish's forthcoming textbook, titled "First Course in Finite Elements," co-authored with Professor Ted Belytschko, Professor of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics at Northwestern University. The text specifically addresses the growing need for undergraduate engineering students to gain an understanding of FEA and includes ABAQUS tutorials.

"ABAQUS, Inc., is committed to providing universities with an affordable and easily deployable way of training engineering students in the power of robust FEA," commented Ken Short, vice president of marketing at ABAQUS. "While the ABAQUS Student Edition is primarily intended for the academic segment, we also expect that some current and prospective users in industry will find the product beneficial for training and learning purposes."

ABAQUS Student Edition is the ideal personal finite element analysis tool. Problems of limited size that do not require user subroutines can be solved with ABAQUS/Standard, ABAQUS/Explicit, and ABAQUS/CAE in the Student Edition software. Available for both the Windows XP and Windows 2000 Platforms, ABAQUS Student Edition includes complete online documentation for software use. More information is available at www.abaqus.com/student.

Founded in 1978, ABAQUS, Inc., is the world's leading provider of software and services for advanced finite element analysis. The ABAQUS® software suite has an unsurpassed reputation for technology, quality and reliability. It has been adopted by major corporations across all engineering disciplines as an integral part of their design process. ABAQUS offers a powerful and complete solution for simple to complex linear and nonlinear engineering problems, using the finite element method. A wide range of structural, thermal, and coupled analyses is supported. The software delivers a unified finite element analysis environment without equal, presenting a compelling alternative to implementations involving multiple products and vendors. ABAQUS employs over 400 people worldwide, with 25 direct offices for technical support, sales and services, plus a network of technically advanced distributors in emerging markets. Customers include automotive and off-highway manufacturers and suppliers; aerospace and defense firms; makers of consumer, electronics, and medical products; raw material providers; and companies in the oil and civil engineering industries. ABAQUS is privately held and is headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. (www.abaqus.com)

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