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CAD/CAE/CFD/CAO/HPC новости 19 Мая 2004 года
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Технологии CATIA V5 TTF Foundation будут доступны пользователям программ UGS

As a result, UGS customers will be able to easily communicate with native CATIA V5 data within their product chain and still have the benefits of working within the UGS environment. “UGS reviewed solutions from several suppliers and the TTF CATIA V5 Foundation Library was the best fit with our requirements for enabling CATIA V5 interoperability in our products,” said Bruce Feldt, vice president of Open Tools, UGS. “We are pleased with the speed, robustness and coverage of the TTF Foundation Libraries. They have been easy to integrate into our solutions, expediting our ability to bring products to our customers. The ability to work with CATIA V5 data without the requirement for a V5 license is very important to many of our customers. TTF’s technology is instrumental in helping us meet our customers’ needs.”

UGS will be delivering a number of new CATIA V5 interoperability products using the TTF CATIA V5 Foundation Library. These include a JT – CATIA V5 translator, an NX – CATIA V5 translator and a CATIA V5 Data Adapter to support UGS’ PLM XML pipeline. Additionally, the technology will be used to expand the CATIA V5 interoperability of UGS’ Stamping and Die Validation software, part of the E-factory suite of digital manufacturing solutions.

“We are extremely proud to have been selected by companies such as UGS to contribute to the success of its best in class suite of products. The list of important CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM companies using our technology has become extremely impressive and confirms the superiority of TTF Foundation technology for interoperability,” said Francis.Allias, CEO of TTF.

TTF, a leading company in CAD data interoperability and multi-CAD DMU announced the port of TTF Foundation CAD libraries technology on the SGI 64-bit platform.

“The port of TTF Foundation technology on SGI 64-bit was successfully completed and we are extremely impressed by the excellent performances on such platform,” said François Chrétien, President of Software Development at TTF. “TTF foundation on 64 platforms will particularly benefit to our growing number of OEM partners.”

With this success and impressive performances, TTF is studying the possibility to port Project Reviewer, its multiCAD DMU solution, which is a bestseller in major countries such as Germany, Italy and Japan. TTF is now in the process to evaluate the port of its technology on other 64-bit platforms such as SUN and HP.

About TTF

Located in Lyon-France, TTF develops, markets and supports best-in-class solutions for CAD data INTEROPERABILITY (TTF Foundation libraries), multi-CAD DIGITAL MOCK-UP and Collaborative Engineering solutions (Project Reviewer). Active in the automotive, aerospace, machinery and consumer products industries, TTF offers services including installation, maintenance, training, and other specialist developments worldwide. For more information, visit www.ttf-group.com.

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