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CAD/CAE/CFD/CAO/HPC новости 30 Июня 2004 года
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Компания BEASY стала партнером ABAQUS, Inc.

BEASY today announced that they have joined the ABAQUS, Inc.'s Partner Program which has facilitated BEASY's development of an interface between ABAQUS software and BEASY. Using the new BEASY for ABAQUS interface, joint users can further leverage ABAQUS by automatically creating run-ready BEASY models and submodels from ABAQUS fracture models and results data. The resultant BEASY models can be used to:

  • Introduce realistic cracks in the model
  • Perform automatic crack propagation studies involving multiple crack fronts
  • Calculate high fidelity stress data for fatigue studies
  • Perform wear and fretting type studies using enhanced contact capabilities


“By the synergistic coupling of leading edge technologies in BEASY and ABAQUS, we can offer our customers a more accurate and cost effective way of enhancing their products durability and integrity” said Dr Robert Adey, Managing Director of BEASY.

"We're delighted that BEASY has elected to participate in our partner program," commented Ken Short, Vice President of Marketing at ABAQUS. "The enhanced interface will enable users to more fully leverage ABAQUS to perform advanced fracture analysis with BEASY.”

Section of ABAQUS model selected for integrity assessment     

The BEASY sub-model is automatically created from the ABAQUS model including mesh materials and loading


Using the BEASY crack wizard, a crack has been automatically added to the model and the Fracture Mechanics data predicted.  The same model can be used to automatically grow the crack to determine the crack path, critical crack size and life.

Источник: http://www.beasy.com