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Компания Theorem доработала конвертер Unigraphics - CATIA v5

The latest bi-directional CADverters from CAD/CAM product data exchange specialist, Theorem Solutions bring significant new capabilities and benefits to Unigraphics and CATIA V5 users.

In particular, the new translators' ability to match CATIA V5's Assembly Design application - in allowing native CATIA V4 parts to be incorporated within a CATIA V5 CATProduct assembly structure - is thought to be unique. This feature is especially beneficial to users who employ both CATIA V4 & CATIA V5 in a mixed design environment and who wish to maintain their CATIA V4 data in its native format. Theorem's latest CADverters will handle the complete CATProduct structure, processing both native CATParts and native CATIA V4 data collectively.

As a result, there is no need for users of assemblies supporting both CATIA V5 and CATIA V4 component files to undertake any pre-processing of CATProducts before translation, or to translate their components separately. Theorem's CATIA V5 translator will generate the required Unigraphics assemblies and parts directly from the hybrid CATIA assembly.

Equally, users of CATIA V5 assemblies do not even need to know if they are working with just CATIA V5 data or a hybrid assembly in order to harness the full capabilities of this new Theorem translator. The CADverter detects the appropriate CATIA data type, then automatically applies the correct translation.

In effect, users are provided with two complementary and seamless translation capabilities within a single product. Even so, Theorem takes the view that for existing customers, this new technology is simply an upgrade. Accordingly, all users with a current maintenance contract for their original CATIA V5 to Unigraphics translator will be able to take advantage of these extra capabilities without additional charge.

Trevor Leeson, Marketing Manager at Theorem commented: "CAD data translation is no longer a case of simply translating files. The complexity of the modern PLM workplace demands that every effort is made to simplify workflow and to pass the time saving benefits onto customers. In addition, users need to know that the CAD translation software solutions they install have the active support of their PLM vendors. In these latest Unigraphics - CATIA V5 translators, we believe Theorem has set new standards for both of these requirements."

For further information please visit: http://www.theorem.co.uk/PR/PRP015.htm or www.theorem-usa.com/PR/PRP015.htm.

About Theorem Solutions

Theorem Solutions is recognized as one of the world's leaders in CAD/CAM product data exchange, offering application programs for Direct Database conversion and for International Standards-based conversion methods (STEP). The Theorem CADverter family is the widest range of direct CAD translators available from any single source. In addition to CADverter, it includes CADviewer, Data eXchange Navigator (DXN) and CADhealer, all delivering improved communications and interoperability between CAD systems. Theorem's on-line translation service is at www.cadverter.com and information on all its products and services can be found at www.theorem-usa.com and www.theorem.co.uk.

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