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Solid Edge Version 16 от компании UGS

UGS, a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services, today announced the English version of Solid Edge® Version 16 is being shipped to customers worldwide. Solid Edge is UGS’ industry-leading, value-based 3D computer-aided design (CAD) system for the mainstream PLM market. UGS plans to begin shipping Solid Edge in nine additional languages during the next six weeks.

“On the strength of its outstanding technical reputation in the industry, Solid Edge continues to demonstrate market penetration, and has performed admirably over the past two years,” said Tony Affuso, chairman, CEO and president of UGS.

Since its June 2, 2004 announcement, Solid Edge V16 has received positive reviews from customers and industry analysts alike. Examples include:

  • "Solid Edge Version 16 demonstrates a continuing focus on improving many of its leading edge technologies," said Ray Kurland, president of TechniCom Inc.
  • "Solid Edge's commitment to research and development yet again delivers significant value to designers and engineers," said Monica Schnitger, senior vice president of Market Analysis at Daratech, Inc. “In addition to a compelling number of customer-requested enhancements in Version 16, Solid Edge delivers new functionality that advances the design process.”

New Features Help Ease the Design of Complex Products

Solid Edge Version 16 continues to deliver on its Design with Insight vision by providing a focus on helping customers ease the design of complex products with increased insight into design intent and the industries Solid Edge serves, all under the control of the built-in Insight for design management. Solid Edge Version 16 includes:

  • New system design features including adjustable parts, fastener systems and dynamic families of assemblies, all of which deliver more flexibility during the design process. See the news release: www.solidedge.com/pressroom/2004/062104.htm
  • An enhanced capability for hybrid 2D/3D design with increased familiarity for AutoCAD® users, a new capability to create 3D parts from 2D assembly layouts and new tools for hybrid 2D/3D design, including a new and unique “Zero D” capability that allows the definition of product structure before any geometry is committed to paper. See the news release: www.solidedge.com/pressroom/2004/060904.htm
  • An advanced photo realistic-rendering solution, Virtual Studio+, that includes a new artistic, sketch-based rendering capability for early stage representations and concept reviews. See the news release: www.solidedge.com/pressroom/2004/071404.htm
  • New frame design and piping capabilities for an expanded focus on the process equipment industry. See the news release: www.solidedge.com/pressroom/2004/062904.htm


The Solution

Solid Edge <http://www.solidedge.com/> from UGS is powerful 3D CAD software that allows manufacturing companies to Design with Insight and achieve competitive advantage through cost reduction, while increasing top line revenues. The exclusive Solid Edge Insight technology embeds design management capabilities directly within CAD, providing insight into design intent to the entire organization and enhancing collaboration. Insight, complemented by Solid Edge's superior core modeling and process workflows, greatly eases the design of increasingly complex products required to meet continually changing market demands. The extensive Solid Edge user community is comprised of designers at thousands of companies worldwide, including Alcoa, NEC Engineering, and Volvo. The Solid Edge Voyager Program includes 200 integrated engineering software applications and computer hardware solutions.

About UGS

UGS is a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services with more than 3.1 million licensed seats and 42,000 clients worldwide. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, the company promotes openness and standardization and works collaboratively with its clients in creating enterprise solutions enabling them to transform their process of innovation and thus begin to capture the value of PLM.