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FloWizard от компании Fluent Inc.

FloWizard sets a new standard in ease of use for fluid dynamics calculations used by engineers and scientists. Its unique wizard-driven interface has been developed based on extensive usability tests involving engineers from leading companies around the world including members of the aerospace, automotive, consumer products, chemicals and manufacturing industries.

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Typical FloWizard session interface depicting flow path lines colored by velocity magnitude in a cyclone

“FloWizard is the easiest to use CFD software developed to date,” says Dr. André Bakker, Product Manager for FloWizard. “This is important because FloWizard can now be successfully utilized by a much larger segment of the engineering population making it possible for companies to apply the benefits of CFD analysis to an even broader range of engineering activities.”

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Typical FloWizard session interface illustrating surface pressure drop across a cyclone

FloWizard allows engineers to quickly evaluate fluid forces, temperature fields, and other flow phenomena for a wide variety of industrial applications from their CAD geometries. The advantages of this type of analysis include improved overall design and quality, reduced costs through the rapid elimination of poor designs, and the identification and further optimization of promising outcomes earlier in the design cycle. In addition, FloWizard is customizable so that specialized applications can be developed to meet specific company needs. It is the first CFD software to include peer-to-peer collaboration as a standard feature, enabling geographically dispersed teams of engineers and fluid flow specialists to work together in both performing and reviewing their fluid flow simulations.

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Typical FloWizard session interface showing surface temperature distribution across a pipe manifold

FloWizard shares its underlying components with Fluent’s other leading software products. It is powered by the industry standard FLUENT V6 general-purpose CFD analysis solvers to ensure the greatest accuracy. Geometry manipulation and mesh generation components utilize the advanced GAMBIT preprocessing software. This combination ensures full binary compatibility with Fluent V6 the world’s most commonly used CFD software.

FloWizard’s automated flow volume extraction, geometry clean-up and healing, and meshing tools make it very straightforward for an engineer to rapidly turn a CAD model into a fluid flow model without requiring extensive data input. Results are readily visualized with path line and plane cut animations, and, when combined with an automated HTML solution report generation tool, further reduce the time it takes to produce a fully documented CFD analysis from a CAD model.

FloWizard is available for immediate delivery. For information on product configuration and pricing, please contact a Fluent Sales Representative at www.fluent.com/contact/index.htm?type=lead or visit the FloWizard website www.fluent.com/direct/wiz

About Fluent

Fluent is the world's largest provider of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software and consulting services. Fluent's software is used for simulation, visualization, and analysis of fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, and chemical reactions. It is a vital part of the computer-aided engineering (CAE) process for companies around the world and is deployed in nearly every manufacturing industry. Using Fluent's software, product development, design and research engineers build virtual prototypes and simulate the performance of proposed and existing designs, allowing them to improve design quality while reducing cost and speeding time to market. Fluent's corporate headquarters is located in Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA, with offices in Belgium, England, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan and Sweden. Its CFD software is also available around the world through joint ventures, partnerships, and distributors in Korea, Australia, Brazil, China, Taiwan, the Czech Republic, Middle East, and most European countries.

FLUENT® is a registered trademark of Fluent Inc.