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MoldflowWorks для SolidWorks 2005

Moldflow Corporation today announced MoldflowWorks™ for SolidWorks® 2005 from SolidWorks Corporation. Based on Moldflow’s patented Dual Domain™ technology, MoldflowWorks enables analysis driven design of plastic parts intended for injection molding from within SolidWorks 2005. By validating the manufacturability and quality of plastic parts during the design process, MoldflowWorks assists designers to assure an optimal part design in the earliest stages of product development.

MoldflowWorks provides an upgrade path for SolidWorks users who need more than the basic functionality provided by MoldflowXpress, the entry-level design validation tool that comes standard with SolidWorks 2005. Current Moldflow Part Adviser for SolidWorks customers will be offered a migration path to upgrade to MoldflowWorks.

MoldflowWorks key features include:

  • A grade-specific materials database containing approximately 8,000 plastics to assure the most accurate simulation results;
  • Multiple analysis options including fill analysis, optimal injection location placement and prediction of visual defects such as sink marks, weld lines and air traps;
  • Analysis process parameter control allowing users to specify mold and melt temperatures, maximum injection pressure and the injection time for any analysis. Especially critical for correlation to real-life results is the control over maximum injection pressure;
  • Valuable results including Moldflow’s unique “Confidence of Fill” plot, which provides an indication of the ease or difficulty of filling a part with melted plastic; a fill time plot for visualizing the flow of molten plastic through the part; injection pressure and flow front temperature distribution plots; and weld line and air trap location predictions;
  • A seamlessly integrated user interface that allows access to all functionality from within SolidWorks 2005.

“The release of MoldflowXpress earlier this year put an entry-level plastics design validation tool on the desktop of every SolidWorks user worldwide,” said Peter Rucinski, director of design analysis product marketing for Moldflow Corporation. “MoldflowWorks is the next logical step for any MoldflowXpress user who wants access to more plastics material data, additional analysis functionality, or expanded results that will allow them to optimize their part designs for the injection molding process and take into account such critical process parameters as injection pressure and flow front temperature.”

“Products developed by companies such as Moldflow and SolidWorks are judged on the value they deliver to customers,” said Chris Garcia, vice president of research and development for SolidWorks Corporation. “With Moldflow and SolidWorks, the value proposition is clear and simple. In order to optimize material usage and material flow during design and to otherwise avoid production delays downstream, engineers designing plastic parts or injection molds need to validate those designs upfront with an embedded tool designed specifically for SolidWorks software. This critical design validation process begins with MoldflowXpress, and can now be extended with MoldflowWorks.”

To learn more about MoldflowWorks, visit www.moldflowworks.com

Pricing and Availability

MoldflowWorks™ is available now and can be ordered through Authorized SolidWorks Resellers. Resellers interested in representing Moldflow products can contact:

John Twerdok, Director of Strategic Alliances / Moldflow Corporation
(412) 367-6100

About SolidWorks Corporation
SolidWorks Corporation, a Dassault Systèmes S.A. (Nasdaq: DASTY, Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) company, develops and markets software for mechanical design, analysis, and product data management. It is the #1 supplier of 3D mechanical design software for the mainstream market. SolidWorks leads the market in number of users in production, customer satisfaction, and revenue. For the latest news, information, or a live online demonstration, visit the company’s Web site (www.solidworks.com) or call 1-800-693-9000 (outside of North America , call +1-978-371-5000).

About Moldflow Corporation

Moldflow (NASDAQ: MFLO) is the leading global provider of automation and optimization software, enabling hardware and hot runner process control solutions for the plastics injection molding industry. Companies use Moldflow’s complete suite of products to address plastic part design issues at the earliest possible stage as well as to maximize productivity and profitability on the manufacturing floor. Moldflow Plastics Labs (MPL) offers state-of-the-art material testing and consulting services. Its extensive materials database is also used in Moldflow software products. Moldflow’s collaboration with academia, industry, and customers around the world has led to a reputation for constant innovation in the complete design-for-manufacture process. Headquartered in Wayland, Massachusetts, Moldflow has offices, manufacturing, and research and development centers in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Asia. For more information, visit www.moldflow.com.