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Анонсирована программная система ALGOR V16

ALGOR, Inc., a leading provider of design, analysis and simulation software, announced that ALGOR V16, released today, features all-new Superdraw 3-D sketching and modeling functionality and 2- and 3-D structured meshing tools within FEMPRO, ALGOR's easy-to-use single user interface. V16 also includes new Mechanical Event Simulation (MES) capabilities for buckling and snap-through analyses; improved fluid flow, heat transfer and linear dynamic analysis tools; more result evaluation and presentation capabilities; and much more.

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ALGOR V16 features all-new Superdraw 3-D sketching and modeling tools (top), the ability to easily modify CAD models (lower left) and 2- and 3-D structured meshing capabilities (lower right) for design and analysis, all within FEMPRO, ALGOR's easy-to-use single user interface.

"ALGOR V16's Superdraw sketching and meshing tools allow me to consider the use of only one package for both modeling and analysis and provide increased speed in moving from engineering concept to analyzed FEA model," said Garland Borowski, president of Borowski Engineering & Analytical Services, Inc. in Mobile, Alabama. "With ALGOR V16, 2- or 3-D structured meshes can be easily created through right-click menu options. Plus, I can easily modify CAD models and finite element meshes or add lines for mixed-element-type models such as a beam-solid model."

"The addition of Superdraw 3-D sketching and modeling capabilities within FEMPRO has made it faster and easier for me to build finite element models," said James A. Britch, P.E. of J. Ray McDermott Engineering, a designer of offshore oil and gas facilities in Houston, Texas. "Having a wide range of modeling tools available through convenient, intuitive pull-down menus, toolbars and dialogs is a real time-saver."

"ALGOR V16 provides FEA users with an unprecedented collection of sketching, modeling and meshing tools for 2- and 3-D design and analysis, all within a modern, easy-to-use single user interface," said ALGOR Product Manager, Bob Williams. "Designers and analysts are experiencing an immediate increase in productivity because of the modeling flexibility offered in V16."

The new Superdraw 3-D sketching and meshing tools allow engineers to easily construct and modify 2- and 3-D sketches using CAD-like options including point move, split, intersect, fillet, trim, extend, rotate, scale, move, mirror and parallel offset. A structured 2- or 3-D mesh can then be easily created from these sketches through right-click options including 3-point triangular, 4-point rectangular, 8-point 3-D, between two objects and 4-object 3-D meshing.

ALGOR V16 also includes:

  • all-new centralized ALGOR file format to speed up the saving and accessing of model data
  • Alibre Design Basic 8.0, an industry-recognized CAD solid modeler
  • new Riks method for improved accuracy and speed in nonlinear problems involving very quick, drastic geometric change, such as buckling and snap-through analyses
  • new ability to interactively define contact pairs for MES
  • improved contact for MES including conservation of kinetic and strain energy for 2-D analyses and overall accuracy and speed improvements
  • faster run times for linear buckling, MES, fluid flow and coupled fluid/thermal analyses
  • automatic constraint of walls for fluid flow analysis to save modeling time
  • streamlines for fluid flow analysis to give a visual display of flow patterns including turbulence

Contact an ALGOR account manager or visit the “ALGOR V16 Features” page on the ALGOR web site for more detailed information.