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Новые возможности eDrawings от Geometric Software Solutions

Geometric Software Solutions, a leader in product lifecycle management (PLM) services and technologies today announced the launch of eDrawings for Unigraphics 17,18 & NX, CATIA V5, and the Autodesk Inventor Series. Currently eDrawings communication software also supports AutoCAD®, Pro/ENGINEER®, Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire®, and SolidWorks® software. The extension of eDrawings communication software to all major CAD platforms further establishes eDrawings as the standard for 3D collaboration .

The eDrawings Publisher is currently available in two versions: the Professional Version and the Free Version for AutoCAD, Inventor, Pro/ENGINEER, Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, and SolidWorks. Only the Professional Version of eDrawings software is available for Unigraphics 17, 18 & NX and CATIA V5. The eDrawings Viewer is free, and can read files that are published from any CAD application.

With eDrawings Professional for CATIAV5, Unigraphics 17, 18 & NX, and the Autodesk Inventor series, users can:

  • Share product designs with review-enabled eDrawings and collaborate with their extended teams
  • Receive feedback on product design data from an unlimited number of recipients
  • Manage, track, and merge comments from different team members
  • Provide anyone with access to design data with self-extracting eDrawings
  • Examine internal details of parts and assemblies with dynamic cross sectioning
  • Measure the geometry in part, assembly, and drawing files when dimensions are absent
  • Disable the measurement feature to protect sensitive design data

Tadiran Communications, a CATIA user based in Israel, plans to use eDrawings to communicate more effectively with customers and suppliers while streamlining internal processes. With eDrawings, the communication equipment manufacturer will no longer need to convert 3D designs into 2D PDF, STEP, or IGES files to share proposed designs.

For the first time, Tadiran's partners will be able to mark up the 3D models without additional viewers, installs, or time-consuming file conversions. The company will also be able to share 3D designs internally with executives and marketing colleagues throughout Tadiran's non-engineering offices.

"With eDrawings, we can very simply email a design to any other individual for viewing and comment without further ado," said Tadiran's CAD Manager Ayala Drori. "The person on the receiving end doesn't need a CAD system, converter, or viewer on his/her system. The recipient just clicks on the eDrawings file, then can zoom, pan, rotate, animate, and redline the design at will. With eDrawings, we will be able to streamline our entire approval process, internally and externally."

Doug Korneffel, UGS Product Manager for Unigraphics 17,18 & NX Drafting stated, "We are pleased to have Geometric in our UGS Partnership Program, and are excited that GSSL has leveraged our PLM Open strategy to bring eDrawings to Unigraphics 17,18 & NX. This announcement is another example that our long term strategy to be 'open by design' ultimately benefits our mutual customers, providing them with new capabilities and more flexibility in their processes."

Manu Parpia, Managing Director for Geometric said, "With the launch of eDrawings for Unigraphics 17,18 & NX, CATIA V5, and Inventor, we have successfully extended eDrawings communication software to all major CAD platforms in a short period of time. To date, more than 15,000 people have downloaded eDrawings and by extending the software to other CAD systems, we will certainly expand the software's reach to new users. This establishes Geometric as a leader in the 3D-light viewing and collaboration market."

Availability and Pricing
A subscription license of eDrawings for Unigraphics 17,18 & NX can be purchased for $1,295 (USD) and eDrawings for the Autodesk Inventor Series for $795 (USD) for an initial 3-month period; thereafter it will be available at $995 (USD). eDrawings Professional for CATIA V5 is available immediately and supports CATIA V5 R10, R11, R12 and R13. A subscription license of eDrawings Professional for CATIA V5 can be purchased for $1,295 USD (with a $495 annual subscription fee after the first year).

The products are available from Geometric's web site (http://www.geometricsoftware.com/edrawings) and a worldwide network of resellers. The free eDrawings Viewer and a 15-day trial of eDrawings Professional for all the above mentioned versions are currently available for download from Geometric's web site and www.eDrawingsViewer.com.

About Geometric Software Solutions
Geometric is a leader in providing the most cost-effective PLM services and technologies to the global mechanical design, manufacturing, and industrial markets. Partnerships with major PLM vendors such as Dassault Systèmes, UGS, and MatrixOne offer the unique advantage of providing cost effective services on leading PLM platforms. Geometric offers services based on SolidWorks, CATIA, ENOVIA™, DELMIA™, eMatrix™, Teamcenter Enterprise (Metaphase)™, Windchill™, Unigraphics 17,18 & NX® and other leading CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM software platforms. The company is traded on both the Bombay (BSE) and the National (NSE) stock exchanges in India. The company's Web site is http://www.geometricsoftware.com/