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Компания Fluent - стратегический партнер в области CFD команды Ferrari Spa F1

Fluent Inc., world leader in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, announced today that multiple Formula One motor racing World Drivers' and World Constructors’ Champions, Ferrari Spa, has extended its relationship with the company to recognize it as its Strategic CFD Provider. The new relationship was cemented in early September in Maranello, Italy, when Jean Todt, General Manager of Ferrari Spa, signed a new contract with Fluent for 3 years. The existing relationship between Ferrari’s Aerodynamics Department and Fluent Italia stretches back to 1996 when Fluent supplied them with software and services for CFD analysis of racing cars.

Aerodynamic CFD simulation of the Ferrari F1 car body with FLUENT, showing surface pressure contours and air flow pathlines

Commenting on the new agreement, Mario Almondo, Head of the Industrial Department of the Scuderia, said “We consider the use of CFD simulation and the services offered by Fluent as an important element in our racing success. That is why we are happy to name the company our Strategic CFD Provider”. He added that “When we recently decided to put in place a High Performance Computing (HPC) system in order to run specific software in connection with Ferrari’s aerodynamic research, it seemed natural to ask Fluent to be among our HPC partners. We hope that with Fluent’s software on the HPC, it will help the team to enhance its performance, and in return the cutting-edge HPC environment should help to drive Fluent’s software development with it being ported on one of the biggest industrial computing platforms in the world.”

The hardware and software technologies Ferrari is employing in its new HPC with project partners AMD, APC and Fluent, should allow Ferrari’s engineers to realize aerodynamic simulations in a more efficient and reliable way, and to study a higher number of configurations than before. CFD simulation empowers Scuderia Ferrari teams to develop the concept of their car in a complementary way with their wind tunnel facilities in the year preceding each season. During the racing year, they use these tools to improve the car for each race circuit. Fluent’s CFD technology is well- tested for the robust environment demanded by car designers. This is especially important for the large-scale CFD models required to meet the accuracy demands of Formula 1 racing.

Marco Rossi, General Manager of Fluent Italia, commenting on the new relationship said that “We are all enthusiastic and proud to help the Scuderia Ferrari face competitive challenges and regulation changes. In such a demanding environment we must be sure to give Ferrari top quality software that’s reliable and helps to deliver performance enhancements to their car.”

About Fluent

Fluent is the world's largest provider of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software and consulting services. Fluent's software is used for simulation, visualization, and analysis of fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, and chemical reactions. It is a vital part of the computer-aided engineering (CAE) process for companies around the world and is deployed in nearly every manufacturing industry. FLUENT is used extensively in the Motor Racing industry worldwide by the vast majority of race teams. Using Fluent's software, engineers build virtual prototypes and simulate the performance of proposed and existing designs, allowing them to improve design quality while reducing cost and speeding time to market. Fluent's corporate headquarters are located in Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA, with offices in Belgium, England, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan and Sweden. Its CFD software is also available around the world through joint ventures, partnerships, and distributors in Korea, Australia, Brazil, China, Taiwan, the Czech Republic, Middle East, and most European countries.