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Выход MSC.Dynamic Designer для Autodesk Inventor 9 и Solid Edge 16

MSC.Software Corp. (NYSE: MNS), the leading global provider of virtual product development (VPD) products including simulation software and services, today announced the availability of MSC.Dynamic Designer for Autodesk Inventor 9 and Solid Edge 16.

By seamlessly turning an existing Inventor or Solid Edge solid model or assembly into a physics-based motion model, MSC.Dynamic Designer uses the MSC.ADAMS motion simulation technology to give the user the ability to understand critical performance information about a design without leaving the designer’s preferred CAD environment or performing a physical test.

MSC.Dynamic Designer shown in Inventor environment

“MSC.Software is committed to providing whatever software products our customers need to solve complex engineering challenges and get products to market faster and our customers have placed a high priority on performing more up-front simulation,” said Frank Perna, chairman and chief executive officer of MSC.Software. “MSC.Dynamic Designer is an excellent example of our integrated products strategy, combining the world’s leading motion product, MSC.ADAMS, with two powerful CAD environments. We will continue to work closely with our partners to provide designers and engineers around the world with the best CAD-embedded simulation products.”

The 2005 Version of MSC.Dynamic Designer for Inventor and Solid Edge includes new and enhanced functionalities to help design engineers better understand product performance including:

  • Faceted contact: To improve efficiency and reduce overall simulation time, significant enhancements have been made in the area of improving the calculation speed associated with simulating bumping and colliding parts. This enhancement has been done by introducing facetted contact. By using the new facetted contact capability, customers will be able to better understand how designs will operate.
  • Bushings: To help customers create more realistic compliant joints, MSC.Dynamic Designer 2005 now allows customers to create orthotropic bushings which allow customers to have more precise control of a model, more realistic modeling of real bushings, and a better overall simulation.
  • Improved solution engine: To reduce simulation time and improve overall simulation robustness, MSC.Dynamic Designer 2005 is now equipped with the latest release of the MSC.ADAMS solver, MSC.ADAMS 2005. In addition to improved simulation speed, other enhancements related to MSC.ADAMS 2005 help to make modeling and simulation easier because the MSC.ADAMS 2005 solver does a better job of removing connection redundancies.
  • Degree of Freedom (DoF) Calculation and Redundant Constraint Removal: Redundancies affect how forces are reacted or transmitted in a model. To eliminate redundancies or to understand the redundancies which were removed by the solver, MSC.Dynamic Designer 2005 now provides a quick and easy way to receive a quick estimate of the DoF in the model
  • Improved online help: To put more information on how to operate MSC.Dynamic Designer at a customer’s fingertips, MSC.Dynamic Designer 2005 gives customers complete access to the reference guide online.

MSC.Dynamic Designer Webinar

To understand the basic capabilities of MSC.Dynamic Designer and to learn about what’s new for the 2005 release visit http://www.webinars.mscsoftware.com and choose the MSC.Dynamic Designer 2005 for Inventor or MSC.Dynamic Designer for Solid Edge Webinar. You can also find out more information or download a trial version of MSC.Dynamic Designer by visiting http://www.mscsoftware.com/products/ and clicking on What’s New or Download Evaluation Version.

About MSC.Software Corporation

MSC.Software (NYSE: MNS) is the leading global provider of simulation software and services, that helps companies make money, save time and reduce costs associated with designing and testing manufactured products. MSC.Software works with thousands of companies in hundreds of industries to develop better products faster by utilizing information technology, software, services and systems. MSC.Software employs more than 1400 people in 23 countries. For additional information about MSC.Software's products and services, please visit www.mscsoftware.com.