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Cost Optimizer от компании Forming Technologies Inc. (FTI)

Forming Technologies Inc. (FTI), a leading developer of software for design and simulation of sheet metal components, announces the worldwide release of Cost Optimizer. Cost Optimizer is a powerful blank development, blank nesting, and material cost optimization software specifically designed for the evaluation of sheet metal components. Cost Optimizer is the first software product to take advantage of FTI’s new associative and regenerative architecture known as Forming Suite. Forming Suite marks a significant break-through by providing the stamping industry with a fully parametric forming simulation environment.

“With the price of steel continuing to soar, there has never been a better time to target material cost as a design optimization criterion”, says Dan Marinac, Director of Business Development at FTI. “We know from many years of working with manufacturers and estimators that engineers have difficulty understanding where to modify designs to achieve target costs. Historically, companies have had no means of identifying these design changes or determining the financial impact of their implementation.”

Cost Optimizer provides a systematic approach that allows engineers and estimators to anticipate and evaluate manufacturing costs early in the design process, even though only rough geometries are available. Initial blank shapes for die design are generated utilizing FASTBLANK, FTI’s leading blank development technology. Then BLANKNEST determines the optimal material utilization using a variety of scenarios including standard shape cut-off dies and mirrored, 1-up and 2-up blanking dies. Cost optimization can then be performed to identify design changes that would lead to significant material cost savings.

“The need for Cost Optimizer was identified by the global automotive OEM community and their Tier 1 suppliers,” says Marinac. “They were seeking an interactive cost analysis tool to evaluate part configurations and process conditions. By combining blank development, nesting and cost optimization capabilities within an integrated, associative, and regenerative analysis environment, Cost Optimizer will dramatically improve the efficiency and reliability of formability and cost analysis.” Marinac adds, “Cost savings of 10% to 15% are achievable by implementation in a multidisciplinary team environment.”

About Forming Technologies
Forming Technologies Incorporated is the world’s leading developer of computer aided engineering software for design and simulation of sheet metal components. FTI has developed a suite of software to analyze product cost, formability, die design and process feasibility. For the past 15 years, FTI has provided OEMs and suppliers in the automotive, aerospace and appliance industries with innovative software and training solutions designed to reduce development time and material costs. FTI and its global network of partners provide sales and technical support to customers in more than 35 countries. For information visit the company’s website (