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ALGOR V16.1 от компании ALGOR, Inc.

ALGOR, Inc., a leading provider of design, analysis and simulation software, announced that ALGOR V16.1 features all-new parametric, structured meshing tools for 2- and 3-D FEA model creation and expanded CFD capabilities including: fan effects; multiple, independent fluids in a single analysis; gravity loads in flow through porous media analyses; and particle tracking.

"ALGOR V16.1's parametric, structured meshing tools allow me to conveniently and quickly modify a structured mesh when working with complex, 3-D models," said Bill King of in-Finite Solutions, Inc. in Eagle, Idaho. "This provides a significant time savings when modifying hand-built FEA models."

ALGOR V16.1 features all-new parametric, structured meshing (top), improved results evaluation and presentation capabilities including the ability to display sliced models using transparency (center) and expanded CFD tools including support for fan effects and particle tracking (bottom).

"The new CFD options increase our productivity in fluid dynamics by at least 20%," said Mathias C. Landgraf, managing director of Speedy Engineering in Immenstaad, Germany. "As an example, the ability to define a fan as an object is intriguing - everyone understands the concept immediately and the FEA model setup is a snap. The object-oriented ALGOR FEMPRO interface makes FEA models more transparent, helps us to finish projects faster and keeps us ahead of the competition."

"ALGOR V16.1's new parametric meshing tools allow users to generate 2- and 3-D structured meshes faster and then more easily consider possible design changes," said ALGOR Product Manager, Bob Williams, "while the new fluid flow capabilities in V16.1 allow users to perform more complex CFD simulations and then gain a better understanding of the flow patterns developing in or around their products."

ALGOR V16.1 also includes:

  • API for reading ALGOR results and using the automatic 3-D meshing tools
  • improved centralized ALGOR file format for increased speed
  • direct CAD/CAE data exchange with KeyCreator
  • PV/Designer functionality for automatically building models of pressure vessels and intersecting pipes within FEMPRO
  • improved robustness of the weight, center of gravity and mass moment of inertia utility
  • improved contact along edges for linear static stress analyses
  • improved heat transfer analysis capabilities:
  • support for parallel processors for body-to-body radiation
  • support for multiple surface-based loads
  • improved Mechanical Event Simulation (MES) capabilities:
  • contact diagnostic probes for identifying areas of possible convergence difficulty
  • added support for surface-based load on shell elements
  • added support for a user-defined flexural modulus in composite elements
  • improved support for determining rubber material data with the curve-fitting utility
  • improved results evaluation and presentation capabilities:
  • ability to display sliced models using transparency
  • automatic capping of surfaces created by slice planes
  • improved ability to save presentations

To see a free learning session on the new ALGOR V16.1, view the "ALGOR V16.1" Webcast on the ALGOR web site. For more detailed information, contact an ALGOR account manager or visit the "ALGOR V16.1" features page.