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COSMOS 2005 получил признание читателей журнала Control Engineering

Control Engineering magazine's subscribers have named the COSMOS ® 2005 design analysis software suite as one of the most significant innovations of 2004, SolidWorks announced today. COSMOS won the Engineers' Choice Award after the magazine's subscribers picked it as the best entry in the software category. COSMOS 2005 previously won Control Engineering's Editors' Choice Award in January, having topped editors' lists for engineering software performance and functionality

COSMOS 2005 was chosen based on its service to the industry, technological advancement, and market impact. Control Engineering readers chose COSMOS 2005 over seven other products in the software and information integration category.

COSMOS is SolidWorks Corp.'s suite of design validation products. It puts the highest level of analysis functions in economical, easy-to-use software. COSMOS 2005 consists of three products: COSMOSWorks® for finite element analysis; COSMOSMotion™ for simulation; and COSMOSFloWorks™ for fluid dynamics analysis.

“The Engineers' Choice Awards give our readers a chance to acknowledge which companies have put that little extra bit of effort into developing products that help them work smarter and more effectively,” said Control Engineering Editor in Chief Mark Hoske.

“We couldn't ask for much better recognition than this. Control Engineering has basically said twice that we make a significant product with practical benefits for the engineering community,” said Suchit Jain , SolidWorks' vice president of analysis products. “First the editors chose us, and then the magazine's readers echoed their opinion by presenting us with the Engineers' Choice Award. We've been working hard to create an engineer-friendly product, and this is a great sign that we've made some serious progress and we appreciate the recognition from both editors and readers.”

To view the list of Engineers' Choice Award winners, visit the Control Engineering Web site at: http://www.manufacturing.net/ctl/article/CA509541?text=engineers%27+choice+award&spacedesc=news

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