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Выход NEiNastran V8.4 от Noran Engineering, Inc.

Noran Engineering, Inc. (, a leader in computer aided engineering (CAE) software, announced the release of NEiNastran V8.4 for Linux and Windows. The newly developed version represents a major upgrade containing numerous technical enhancements that will provide significant benefits to engineers in the design, analysis and simulation phases of product development.

NEiNastran V8.4 contains over 70 customer driven enhancements. The major Solver features include: support for huge models of over 7 million degrees of freedom in Windows XP, enhanced nonlinear and dynamic solutions with 2-10x faster performance, a more accurate and robust quad shell element, automated cyclic symmetric boundary conditions, a faster Lanczos Eigensolver, Craig-Bampton reduction for substructuring and superelement generation, Modal Assurance Criteria (MAC), Modal Cross Orthogonality (MXO) plots, and new productivity tools for aerospace, maritime, and automotive customers.

NEi’s industry unique Editor has also been further enhanced with full post processing capability amplifying its value to experienced analysts. Improvements include a new graphics kernel, enhanced post processing utilities and global settings which further leverage NEiNastran functionality. As an example, automatic xy plotting of modal effective mass, 3D xyz modal animation and graphs of analysis correlation matrices can all be easily displayed in a visual Windows format that powerfully aids complex analysis and problem solving. See Figure.

Upgrades to the NEiNastran Modeler V8.4 (FEMAP V9) make it a flexible, streamlined Windows user interface based on the latest Microsoft® technology providing state-of-the-art CAE capabilities to customers of major CAD systems, such as CATIA, Pro/Engineer, AutoDesk, SolidWorks, and Solid Edge. The latest upgrade raises the level of user friendliness and promotes productivity. New navigation techniques, access commands and functionality have streamlined geometry preparation, finite element modeling, analysis and post- processing routines significantly.

Dave Weinberg, CEO of Noran Engineering, commented on the release, "Our customers design products that are known for innovation, quality and performance. They include companies such as Scaled Composites, Minardi Formula 1, and Cessna Aircraft. The V8.4 upgrade gives them the analysis and simulation capabilities they need to maintain their competitive position in their respective industries and the global market.”

Tony Abbey, Technical Manager, offered, “We invite all long time Nastran FEA users to try out V8.4 to get an immediate appreciation for the advantages inherent in NEiNastran in performance, ease of use, and value.”

About Noran Engineering, Inc.

Noran Engineering, Inc. (NEi), a leader in computer-aided engineering (CAE) software, provides a complete suite of analysis tools for structural, thermal, dynamic, fluid flow, fatigue, and optimization to the aerospace, automotive, maritime, military, medical, and consumer product industries. NEi backs its software with responsive and expert technical support. The core product, NEiNastran, runs on Windows, Linux, and UNIX platforms in both stand-alone and networked configurations. NEi's new product, NEiWorks, breaks new ground in engineering software, truly integrating Nastran FEA with SolidWorks, removing the barrier between design and analysis and allowing users to share results with other vendors Nastran versions. Noran Engineering Inc. headquarters are in Westminster, California, (714)899-1220,