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  AVI Library Addition 90 The 
90 Fluid Flow Between Two Glasses CompMechLab & A. Borovkov 3.41MB

Showcased with information on Fluid Structure Interaction Site


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Новости недели 10-17 мая 2004 - Страница сайта

  AVI Library Addition 90a The second in the Fluid Flow Between 2 glasses
90a Fluid Flow Between Two Glasses CompMechLab & A. Borovkov 3.39MB

Showcased with information on Fluid Structure Interaction Site



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Alexey I. Borovkov, Igor B. Voinov
Flow of the fluid between two glasses
Site: CompMechLab & A. Borovkov

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90a.jpg (15514 bytes)  AVI 90a

The problems of dynamic interaction of media in different aggregative states  like rigid body and fluid/air are among the most interesting and sophisticated problems of mechanics.

The presented AVI files illustrate the behavior of the fluid during the flow between the glasses. The problem was solved with use of LS-DYNA code.

To simulate this and similar processes two element types with different formulation were used. The glasses were simulated as rigid bodies (MAT_RIGID). At this the equations of the motion are applied in the Lagrange formulation. The fluid and surrounding air are simulated by means of finite elements based on Euler formulation.

To describe the physical properties of the fluid the Newton equations of the viscous flow were applied together with the Gruneisen equation of state.

Contact interaction between the fluid and rigid body (glass) is simulated with use of special algorithm of the mutual penetration restriction for the two media described by different formulations of the motion equations (Lagrange and Euler). LS-DYNA card CONSTRANED_LAGRANGE_IN_SOLID is used for this restriction.

In the first AVI file distribution of the densities in the considered space is presented. Red color corresponds to the spaces occupied by the fluid; blue color corresponds to air and green – to the boundary layer between fluid and air. In the second AVI file the fluid flow process is shown; free surface of the fluid is presented as equiscalar surface created based on density distribution.

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