CompMechLab Новости 23 Августа 2003 года
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Finite Element Modeling and Examination of Axisymmetric Thermal State of the Overvoltage Suppressor(Конечно-элементное моделирование и анализ осесимметричного теплового состояния ограничителя перенапряжений)


The overvoltage suppressors are applied to a guard of high-voltage electrical networks from thunderstorm and switching surges. One of the factors defining a reliability of an overvoltage suppressor is effective heat sink from varistors at operation. The axisymmetric finite-element model of a porcelain overvoltage suppressor with use of the software ANSYS FRS 5.6 was designed. Stationary and non-stationary fields of temperatures in overvoltage suppressors originating at simulation of the tests of the International electrotechnical commission are obtained. The obtained results have allowed to develop the recommendations for betterment of a suppressor construction.

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