CompMechLab Новости 23 Августа 2003 года
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Finite Element Stress Analysis and Multi-parameter Optimization of a High-pressure Vessel(Конечно-элементное иccледование напряженно-деформированного состояния и многопараметрическая оптимизация конструкции аппарата высокого давления)


This paper describes the results of 3D structural contact FE analysis of high-pressure vessel (HPV). The research is carried out to analyze stress concentration zones and to determine variables for design optimization. The submodeling method is used to analyze zones with complex geometry. Experimental strain measurements are used to verify the 3D model and the obtained results. The comparison of experimental results and FE modeling is presented. The description of methods and results of multiparameter design optimization are presented. Such important results of optimization as the decrease of steel intensity and outline size of the HPV are obtained.

The multiplier of HPV is used for the external pressure increase and transfer to the working sell. Various material models are used to describe multiplier parts. The results of multiplier 3D structural contact analysis are presented.

The importance of the results obtained and good correlation with experiments make it possible to carry out similar analyses for various HPV that are widely used in industry.

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