CompMechLab Новости 23 Августа 2003 года
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Finite Element Simulation of the Liquid Silicon Oriented Crystallization in a Graphite Mold(Конечно-элементное моделирование направленной кристаллизации жидкого кремния в графитовой форме)


The mathematical model of the liquid silicon oriented crystallization in the graphite mold is presented. During the simulation of the coupled (semi-coupled) thermoelasticity problem the transient temperature field, stresses and strain in a casting and a graphite mold at phase change and subsequent cooling are calculated. The plastic strains are also determined. In mathematical model the increase of silicon volume (8%) and discontinuous variations of the thermal and mechanical properties at phase change are taken into account. The program module based on APDL is created for conducting subsequent coupled analyses. It is used to perform the transient structural analysis.

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