CompMechLab Новости 27 Сентября 2003 года
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Small Perturbations Effects and Strength Analysis of Solenoid with Quasi Force-Free Winding(Анализ влияния малых отклонений и исследование напряженного состояния соленоида с квазибессиловой обмоткой)


The problem of generating superhigh magnetic fields with use of quasi force-free solenoid is discussed. Analytical estimations confirmed by finite element analysis show that reasonable choice of conductors slope angle causes equilibrium in all N layers forming the winding. At that permanent stresses are approximately N2 times as small as magnetic pressure in the solenoid. The influence of small deviations from equilibrium position due to the winding laying inaccuracy and current values imperfections is analyzed. Case study is considered to show the possibility to compensate additional stresses arising in the winding. For this purpose small additional currents in the winding layers are suggested to be used.

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