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Новая разработка ANSYS, Inc. - ANSYS ParaMesh

Design Modification Tool enables parametric studies without having a parametric CAD model. What is the optimal shape for your design? How do you find this shape? What tools do you used, and, how many people do you need to help you? Critically important, how long does it take you to get to this final shape with your traditional process? DO YOU:


  • · Deal with large finite element models?
    · Spend a large percentage of your simulation budget exporting and cleaning up CAD geometry in preparation for meshing?
    · Spend days and weeks creating a mesh of a single model?
    · Do multiple iterations or "what-if" scenarios prior to finalizing on the best solution that satisfies your design parameters?
    · Have a huge investment in legacy FEA models?
    · Find it expensive an time consuming to build a CAD model to be 100% purely parametric and updateable all the time?
    · Find it expensive to tie up a CAD license when you need to make changes to your model to validate design ideas?
    · Waste a lot of time updating your expensively produced parametric CAD model only to find through simulation that the design idea will not work out?




ANSYS ParaMesh, the unique new product for working on legacy models might be just the solution you've been seeking. Making decisions on concepts during the early design stages has a great impact on both manufacturing costs and product performances. Progressive manufacturers have discovered that it is critically important to be able to test many concept variations as soon as possible in the product lifecycle. When simulating products, a huge amount of time is spent on meshing the CAD models. If a geometrical change occurs on the model, the process starts over and the meshing again takes a long time to perform. Updating the CAD geometry to do analysis what-if's is sometimes not the most efficient solution. In some cases, the geometry isn't available, and the process grinds to a halt.

ANSYS ParaMesh
by Ansys Inc.